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Reusable Mesh Produce Bags Set of 12

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Shop with eco-friendly consciousness and time-saving convenience! Reusey Life mesh produce bags are all about promoting a
sustainable future and making your next trip to the grocery store a hassle-free experience. No more plastic with your produce.

Produce comes in all shapes and sizes and so do our bags. The bags are conveniently color-coded and come with a drawstring and pop lock closure for
simple and secure opening & closing.

Durability Meets Sustainability

While other reusable mesh bags easily tear or wear out, ours are designed with extra-strong and plastic-free mesh polyester. The
result of this enhanced reusability? Less waste Mother Nature will love and more value your wallet will relish.

Cleaning Made Simple

Your mesh vegetable bags a bit dirty after that trip to the store or farmer’s market? Just pop them into the washing machine! You
can also wash your fruits and veggies directly in the bags before you place them in the fridge. This means more time saved after
every shopping trip

Enjoy Faster Checkouts

No spending additional time in the store weighing your bags. Our reusable produce mesh bags come with their tare weights right
on the tags to make checkout seamless. The see-through design also lets the cashier know what’s inside with a quick glimpse.


  • Blue Large 3 bags x 31x41cm
  • Green Medium 6 bags 31x33cm
  • Red Small 3 bags 31x20cm

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