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Red Seal VitaFizz Cleanse Raspberry & Lime

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A unique blend of Milk Thistle, Electrolytes and B Vitamins to help protect your liver and assist with recovery after over-indulgence.

  • Milk Thistle, Electrolytes and B Vitamins create a unique blend to help support your body’s natural recovery.
  • Milk Thistle is an incredible plant with the ability to help detoxify, protect and support the liver.
  • Effervescent tablets are a delicious way to top up your vitamins
  • Because they dissolve easily into a tasty liquid solution, they are more bioavailable, absorbing immediately into the body
  • They are also a great solution for those who struggle to swallow tablets

Adults: 1 tablet dissolved in a glass of water daily.
Not suitable for children.

As Milk Thistle is a naturally derived ingredient, residue that is safe to drink may remain.

Magnesium 150mg
Fibre 120mg
Silymarin (milk thistle extract 80%) 100mg
Potassium 100mg
Niacin 50mg
Vitamin B1 15mg
Pantothenic acid 10mg
Vitamin B6 10mg
Vitamin B2 1mg
Folic acid 300mcg
Biotin 150mcg
Vitamin B12 10mcg

No added: aspartame, artificial colours, flavours or stimulants, caffeine, soy, dairy or nuts.
Contains corn.
Also contains tableting aids, sucralose and natural flavouring.
Each tablet contains 250mg sodium.

Not recommended for Diabetics, during pregnancy and breasfeeding and due to the potassium content, for people taking medication for heart disease, high blood pressure, low potassium diets or kidney ailments.

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