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Original Sweepa Rubber Bristled Broom

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A rugged broom that is ideal for tough commercial and industrial applications. This commercial broom has a head that is thicker and wider than the regular household size, and it also has longer bristles. The part where the head screws onto the pole is also a bit thicker on this version, so it will remain more sturdy under higher stress. This is the perfect tool for sweeping while you work because it reduces cost, saves time, and eliminates frustration. If you compare performance of this tool against traditional versions, it will outperform all others for every application. It's easier to use, requires less work to achieve results, and will remove more dirt from your floors with each pass. Add to that the fact that this commercial broom is virtually indestructible, and you have a superior tool that will produce great results, and remain in like new condition for years. Perfect for construction sites, warehouses, barns, factories, plants, kennels, retail locations and more. Any place that sees large areas of floor cleaned on a regular basis can benefit from this product. It makes the job quicker and easier, and it will last much longer without wearing out or losing its shape.

Stop wasting time and resources with those other brooms that only leave behind dirt, cause hair and fine particles to fly, and wear out quickly. This one will retain its shape for the life of the tool thanks to the tough, natural rubber construction. The head is virtually indestructible under normal use, and has the ability to last for many years. It doesn't matter what surface you are cleaning, or the type of dirt you are sweeping. It will never scratch, scuff or mark any floor you use it on, and it's able to clean any variety or dirt. Because the head is made from rubber, you don't need to worry about it coming into contact with anything at your work site. Chemicals and cleaners won't harm it, and the pliable rubber is safe enough to touch any surface too. If it gets dirty, you can even rinse it clean or use soap and water for a more thorough wash.

What Makes It So Great

The rubber bristles will form a solid wall because they flex and bend as you sweep. This allows you to completely clean hard surfaces in a single pass, and makes it ideal for uneven surfaces, or flooring with cracks, because it conforms to any shape, and it dips down into cracks, grout and other crevices as you work. Fine pieces of dirt and hair will be swept away easily instead of being passed over or allowed to slip through. The sweeping action will also cause a static charge to build that only makes your job easier. Debris will get sucked in toward the head, and remain close as you clean. You will never have to worry about lighter stuff flying in the air, or floating away as you attempt to pile it. Since the head is one solid piece of molded rubber, you never have to worry about it falling apart or losing bristles. Due to the way it works, it's ideal for sweeping regular things, but even better for the debris that is normally frustrating to sweep. Use it with great results for pet fur, human hair, sand, saw dust, drywall dust, fine particles and more.

The reverse side of the head features an integrated squeegee for added utility and convenience. A quick spin and you can flip the broom to reverse the head for drying floors, windows, vehicles and more. It is perfect for cleaning up after a flood, or removing unwanted liquid from any area, but it's also ideal for cleaning tasks that don't involve floors. Scrub siding on a house, or wash hard to reach windows without a ladder. You can also remove snow from vehicles without walking around them, or wash the tops of vans and trucks without a step stool. Since the bristles are safe for any surface, and able to gently deep clean with maximum efficiency, the combo of the head and squeegee make a powerful tool. It doesn't get in the way of normal sweeping, but when you need it, this squeegee can be very handy.

How To Use It

  • This Broom can be used by pushing or pulling. For great results on any floor, the pulling method will always be best.
  • As a push broom, it works very well for many types of flooring, but if you are going to use it on carpet, a pulling action is a must.
  • For regular hard flooring, use it like any other. You are able to use long strokes, and a traditional motion.
  • For areas of carpeting, you will want to use shorter, more deliberate strokes. This action will build a stronger static charge, and help the broom get deep into the nap of the carpet. If used correctly, it is able to pull up pet hair from a freshly vacuumed floor.
  • Sweeping will build a static charge to make the job easier, and control the collected debris. To release this charge, you can tap the head against the ground a few times and it will go away.
  • Hundreds of flexible rubber bristles work together to remove more dirt with less work. They bend and flex to get into corners, and under ledges, all the while forming a solid wall of cleaning muscle that powers through dirt to clean floors easily.

Easy operation and incredible results are a good reason to start using this broom for your commercial or industrial application. The fact that it lasts a long time and also makes the job take less time is just icing on the cake. Once you start using this tool, it will be difficult to use any other. It can sweep, scrub and squeegee, and thanks to superior construction and commercial quality materials, it will last for years of regular use, even under harsh conditions. Pet groomers and kennel owners love it because it works so well for fur and hair. Contractors and construction workers love it because it can actually sweep up things like sand, sawdust and drywall dust. For cement floors in warehouses, garages and plants, there is no better tool. It can clean the yucky stuff out in a barn, or the less yucky stuff on the floor of a factory. Because it isn't made from nylon, or anything similar, it's not going to fray, lose it's shape, or wear out like you may be used to. It will deliver outstanding performance for many years, while keeping it's shape and performance level like new.

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Karen Nicholson

Goods arrived quickly in time for Christmas. Great service, much appreciated. Thanks Karen