New Zealand Fish ID Maxi Ruler
New Zealand Fish ID Maxi Ruler
New Zealand Fish ID Maxi Ruler

New Zealand Fish ID Maxi Ruler

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The AFN New Zealand Fish ID Maxi Ruler Mat makes the humble tape measure look very old. Why settle for numbers alone when you can measure you haul and garner a fist load of outstanding information about your fish with a quick glance. The Maxi Mat includes information such as species eating quality, their merits as a sports fish, season guides and information about dangerous and protected species. 

Remember, the onus is on the angler to ensure all fishing is being conducted within state and national regulations. Without a measuring device you run the risk of taking undersize or protected species that may see you attract massive fines or even gaol time. Yes, it is that serious. 

Don’t risk having to throw back a great haul of pan size Flatties because you can’t be certain if they are undersize or not. Measure and know. Measuring up to 1.5 meters, you’ll have the proof so you can have guaranteed bragging rights.


  • Angling merit
  • Fish eating guide
  • Seasons information
  • 1.5m in length x 35cm
  • Detailed fish illustration
  • Waterproof & tear proof
  • Suitable for boat or tackle box
  • Protected species/ dangerous species information]\


  • Robust construction will allow your mat to stand up to the rigors of fishing.
  • At 1.5 meters in length you’ll be able to measure and take bragging rights for your huge catch
  • At its basic level, this measuring mat ensures you are able to check for correct legal length and therefore avoid hefty fines and damage to fish stocks
  • Detailed fish illustrations allow you to quickly reference the Maxi Mat and identify your catch
  • The fish ID guide also gives you an indication of angling merit, that is, how the particular species rates for fight and sport
  • Indicating dangerous and protected species makes you a safer angler and more environmentally aware
  • Use the quick reference guide to find out if the fish you have just caught will be great to eat or should be returned to the water
  • A measuring device is essential kit. Don’t just go for a tape measure, go deluxe and get bucket loads of information as well as a measure of your catch. This is a brilliant tool that should live in your boat or tackle kit. 

Please note:  The New Zealand Fish ID Maxi Ruler does not include a legal size guide. Please visit the MPI website to find your local region size limits

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