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Math Puzzle - Addition & Subtraction

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Choose one of the digit magnets at first, and then count the number of animal magnets to match this digit.

Learn to match the number of animals and a small circle in a red hollow-out card, animal card or match the numbers   

Overlapping the magnetic hollow-out card with the dashed frame on the animal card and it will show the same number of circles(in red)as animals.

Find out the corresponding digit according to the hit on question card.

Finally, check the answer on the back of the question card.

Meanwhile, count the number of animal magnets as digit shown, then calculate results with the aid of animal magnets.


  • Type: Educational Toys
  • Brand Name: UCMD
  • Product name: Magnetic Puzzle- Addition & Subtraction
  • Style: Educational Toys
  • Packing Size: 275 x 42 x 205 mm
  • Packing: Gift box packing, suitcase packing
  • Usage: Teaching, competition, recreation, training
  • Feature: Flexible magnet, writing and drawing board
  • Function: Kids toy, educational tools
  • Age: Age 3+

Set Includes

  • Questions card x 41pcs
  • Hollow-out card x 4pcs
  • Animal card x 9pc
  • Animal magnet x 36pcs      
  • Arithmetic sign x 10pcs
  • Decimal marker x 4pcs
  • Blank magnet x 6pcs
  • 0-9 digit magnet x 30pcs

Customer Reviews

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Really happy with it. Lots of activities to come out of it. Hands,on makes it interesting for kids.