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Gravity Drop Fidget Toy

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Designed with science in mind and crafted using amazing laws of physics, this fidget toy seemingly defies gravity and let's you explore the free fall. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadgets you will enjoy playing around with it. Just like us you always love to hold something in your hand and of course - spin it, roll it, slide it, click it and fidget around in any way possible. The ''anti-gravity'' slider gives you all the above and more! 

Copper and aluminium are non magnetic materials however they are great conductors of electricity while each magnet is surrounded by it's own magnetic field. When the magnet moves through a conductor such as a sliding copper ring it's magnetic field induces an electric current in the copper - creating the moon drop!


  • Spin it, roll it, slide it, click it!
  • Includes 1 Moondrop desk toy
  • A great way to keep focus, not get distracted from meaningful works, relieve anxiety or just relax.
  • A cool way to learn about amazing physics laws and science facts in our Universe. A unique gift for your friends and family.