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Grandpa's Noises

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Grandpa’s Noises delivers in so many ways. From the fun illustrations, to the all-too-true issues surrounding Grandpa and his various sounds. Grandpa’s Noises is not only a fun story but acts as a guidebook of a favourite family member.

This joy of a book is the perfect story to share with Grandpas everywhere. The use of bold text which highlights Grandpa’s various sounds, adds an extra dimension to the story, as I am sure little ones will soon mimic them, making the reading experience interactive and great fun.

Children love laughing about body noises. In Grandpa’s Noises, a range of sounds and words coming from body and mouth are explained in a warm and funny intergenerational romp. For example, ‘Eyenolessgofurawark’ is obviously Grandpa-speak for ‘I know, let’s go for a walk’. But some sounds — like the ‘Fffffffft’ that sometimes escapes Grandpa’s bottom — need no explanation! 

  • Hardback
  • 215 x 288 mm 
  • 32 Pages

Customer Reviews

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Grandkids loved this book.

Patrick Wu
Amusing book for kids

I never realised I made so many noises! Kids will love it