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Extension Cord Safety Box

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Keep your home free from hazards during the Christmas season with this extension cord safety box.

The handy storage box is perfect for keeping the wires from Christmas lights away from pets and children as well as enhancing the look of your display.

This Extension Cord Safety Box houses extension leads so you can ensure safety when using cables outdoors. IPX4 rating allows use in any weather conditions and guards against knocks and interference. Plastic sealed safety box protects against sprayed or splashed water. This product fits all standard plug and extension cords and is able to be hung up and attached to walls. Can be used all year round

There is an internal locking mechanism that keeps the cords from disconnecting when you are using electrical equipment or tools like leaf blowers, weed eaters, saws, drills or even when you are vacuuming your car. 


  • Holiday Lighting 
  • Lawn Equipment 
  • Electrical Tools 
  • Carpet Cleaners 
  • Shop Vacs 
  • Around the Pool 
  • On Boats and other Marine Equipment 

The Extension Cord Safety Seal is very easy to use

1. Open the safety seal 
2. With the current turned off, connect your cords together, place the connection with the plug into the enclosure. 
3. Use the clip provided to affix the closed coupling connector in the safety seal. 
4. Make sure the plugs have been affixed correctly and snap it closed. 

Additional rubberized seals on either end fit tightly around the cords to keep rain, snow, ice any other moisture away from the electrical plugs. 


  • Length: 8 1/2" 
  • Outer Diameter: 2.85" 
  • Inside Clip Diameter: 2.0"

Please Note: This device is not meant to be submerged in water. Do not place the extension cord safety seal where it can be submerged in water. The safety seal is only water resistant if both connections have been affixed properly and the unit is clasped shut. After use: Remove the plug from the power source before opening the safety seal.