Everyone Toots - Mischievous & Wacky
Everyone Toots - Mischievous & Wacky

Everyone Toots - Mischievous & Wacky

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Does dad toot? Yes! Does mom toot? Of course! How about unicorns? Indeed! And you toot, too. But that's okay, because everyone toots!

There's a time and a place for everything, but Everyone Toots, so remember that when it's time to pass a little gas. Everyone Toots will have young children and their parents laughing and learning.

Just like the title says, everyone toots. For the child who just doesn't believe us, here's the book that proves it. Does Dad toot? Yes. Does Mom toot? Of course! How about the president? Indeed. At once silly, mischievous, and wacky while also being informative and perhaps even a tad comforting.

Everyone Toots,  keeps it as tasteful as possible while also tickling everyone's funny bone. The rhyming text and incredibly f unny illustrations from well known Argentinean artist, Alejandro O'Kif,  will keep kids coming back for another round of unicorns, elephants, big brothers, ballerinas, princesses, astronauts and more passing a little gas. 


  • Publisher Walter Foster Jr
  • Hardcover
  • ISBN 9781633222243
  • 28 pages 

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Just love the story

Christmas gift

The kids love it