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Eco-Rangers Save the Planet

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Structured as a series of rangers' missions, this book educates Intermediate-age children about the environmental issues facing them today and encourages them to make informed choices on a range of subjects from saving energy and water to using transport, technology and products. The topics are divided thematically into three sections covering a) local New Zealand issues, such as pollution, b) global issues, such as climate change, and c) projects (such as how to make a compost heap or recycle cardboard and plastic into new products). Each topic contains a introduction to the subject, 15-20 suggestions for things they can do to help 'save the world', illustrations, jokes, quotes and website addresses. Each of the first 12 topics also contains an inspirational story about an 'eco hero' who has contributed an outstanding achievement to the environment. 

  • RELEASE DATE NZ: October 2nd, 2009
  • AUTHOR: Maria Gill
  • Illustrated by Vivienne Lingard
  • PAGES: 112
  • DIMENSIONS: 130x200x10
  • ISBN-13 9781869662585

Customer Reviews

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Carolyn Robinson

Excellent book to give my 11 year old grandson for his birthday. The author Maria Gill, I have met on an expedition to release kiwis back into a predator free area a few years ago. She also wrote the "Kiwi" book about this which my grandchildren have and signed by Maria Gill. Grandchildren also got to meet Maria. Incredible to be involved in something like that especially for the children. Highly recommend to any parent wanting to give there children some knowledge about conservation.