Comfort Click Belt
Comfort Click Belt
Comfort Click Belt

Comfort Click Belt

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Comfort Click is a whole new way of wearing a stylish, comfortable belt that lets YOU DECIDE, precisely how it fits, and isn’t determined by the ‘nearest’ pre-cut hole.

Comfort Click Belt has a ratcheted track system, instead of a series of holes, that gives you exactly the right fit for any time of day. PLUS, it can be easily adjusted in seconds for when you’re carrying extra weight in your pockets, wearing bulkier clothes, need to tuck in several layers, or are just feeling a little full after a large meal. With Comfort Click Belt you can have the perfect fit for total comfort at all times!

The secret is in the Micro-Precision, 32 Position Ratcheting Track system that allows you to simply pull the belt through the buckle and stop at the exact spot where the belt fits best. To adjust or loosen, just press the secure, quick-release lever and, again, the freedom to decide where to stop is entirely up to you. Designed with the latest technology, Comfort Click Belt will never let you, or your trousers, down! It’s made to exacting, long-lasting standards from durable, gun-metal buckle that will give you years of support and comfort. You can trim the length to suit your overall size, between 28” and 44”, so you don’t have to suffer a long tail flapping around your waist.

If you want a belt that fits you perfectly, don’t settle for someone else’s idea of what size you are, and stop bulging over or pulling up belts that are fitted to ‘the nearest inch’!


  • Adjusts to fit anyone from 28” – 44”
  • Strong, elegant gun-metal finished buckle
  • durable, reliable stitching
  • Secure, quick-release lever allows for total adjustment
  • NO HOLES! so you don’t have to go to ‘the nearest inch’
  • Micro-Precision 32 Position Ratcheting Track system for a perfect fit